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Welcome to Sandbanks, a premium river side home stay in Coorg.

We are located near the town of Ammathi in South Coorg. Our cottages are situated on a grassy meadow adjacent to a river which flows through our coffee and pepper plantation.

Sandbanks Coorg Homestay

Our coffee and pepper plantation is bird friendly and we do everything possible to ensure that disturbance to the environment is minimised. Wherever possible, up-cycling has been implemented in addition to solar powered lighting.

Personal service, and getting to know each of our guests and their individual needs and interests is at the heart of what we do. We want to make sure you get the very most out of your experience.

Alluring as Coorg may be, there are those special areas that are quite peerless in their appeal. Sandbanks is one such. Juxtaposed in the crook formed by a curling bend in the Cauvery river and a range of hills in the west, Sandbanks is simply that - a green swarded stretch of gently undulating terrain nestled on the alluvial sandy deposits of a lazy river.

The ambience puts you perfectly at ease and the lodging is designed to blend in with rather than ornament the scenery. Graceful and charming, each feature of the landscape and hospitality structure is crafted to soothe and comfort.

Sandbanks Coorg Homestay Surroundings

There's a lot to smile about at Sandbanks. For starters the accommodation is quaint and charmingly rustic - purpose designed cottages comprising a bedroom, bathroom and veranda with a sit out tacked on for casual alfresco dining. The furnishing is warm without being opulent and the amenities are all one would expect. And when its time for fun and frolic, there's a lot of that too. Explore the sights and sounds of Coorg-Waterfalls, rivers, mountains and historical sites.

There's sport too, bird and butterfly watching, fishing, boating and games like shuttle, basketball and a host of similar outdoor pursuits. You might even fancy a stroll through our coffee estate to see how your coffee gets cupped.